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Turnkey Roku Channels

Phil Autelitano Roku MediarazziOver the course of our various workshops and training programs, we often build Roku channels that are ready-to-publish, complete with their own unique branding and content. These “turnkey” Roku Channels are a quick and easy way for any entrepreneur to get your foot-in-the-door and cash-in on the extraordinary growth of Roku and Connected Television with little up-front cost and no experience or special skills needed.

Each Turnkey Roku Channel includes:

  • Unique, custom branded channel graphics (we’ll even update it with your own branding if you’d like)
  • Enough hours of video content to launch, plus more video content to update going forward
  • All coding for channel and channel feed already completed
  • All accounts setup for you, including Roku and CDN accounts
  • Streaming advertising and/or subscription monetization already-integrated (so it’s earning money the moment you launch it)
  • Complete instructions (including Phil Autelitano’s “Publish Your Own Roku Channel” program
  • You own the channel 100% and keep 100% of the revenue it earns
  • Ongoing advice and support for one year.


Prices for turnkey Roku channels are all-inclusive and require no additional costs or fees going forward for one full year. (After which your monthly fees are nominal at best.)

Turnkey Roku Channels range in cost from $750 to $1,500 each, delivered, ready-to-publish.

Inventory is constantly changing as these channels are extremely popular and many people buy more than one. Right now our turnkey inventory consists of more than 20 Roku channels, across a variety of popular Roku categories, that are pre-loaded with content and ready for you to publish and profit from.

For more information or a current list, please email