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About Raw Country

Raw Country is a free country music video channel available exclusively on Roku and compatible devices, currently available to 8 million viewers in the U.S., and millions more worldwide. We stream music videos from all genres of country music — including new, pop, alternative, bluegrass, newgrass, gospel, and more — from up-and-coming, unsigned artists to many of your popular favorites, classic and contemporary, 24/7/365.

Raw Country is the #1 country music channel on Roku and currently in the Top 25 of all music channels on Roku among channels like VEVO, Qello Concerts, Pandora, Slacker, and others.

You can find Raw Country in the Roku Channel Store under Music.

You can add Raw Country to your Roku account here: http://www.roku.com/channels/#!details/40396/raw-country

Raw Country was launched in March 2014.

Watching Raw Country

Raw Country is presented in a “linear” format. Unlike other Roku channels that use a grid layout with menu selections to pick and choose, Raw Country automatically begins streaming videos as soon as you click through. We may change to the grid format when we start adding shows, but for now, it will remain linear.

If you leave the channel and return later, it will automatically start where you left off — it doesn’t “rewind” to the beginning, it bookmarks your current location in the playlist and continues when you return. You should leave the channel and return at least once a day to allow any updates to process.

Raw Country is great “background music” — our ever-growing playlist runs on a loop, as soon as it plays through (currently running about 6 hours) it will automatically start again from the first video, and loop infinitely. We do our best to mix the playlist up and add or remove videos everyday so it’s a bit different with every loop.

Raw Country lets you use the buttons on your Roku remote to fast-forward to the end of a video so you can get to the next one, but it doesn’t allow you to simply “skip” a video. We really want every video to have an opportunity to get played.

You can also “rewind” a video to see it again, so long as you do it before the next one begins.

If you click the “back” or “home” buttons on your Roku remote, that simply exits the channel, bringing you back to the channel menu.

Raw Country is advertiser-supported. It has limited commercial interruptions, with 30 to 60 seconds of commercials about every 24-30 minutes. Please support the advertisers who, in turn, support the many great country artists we feature, many of whom may not receive any major exposure otherwise.

Gospel On Sundays. Every Sunday we add Gospel music videos to the playlist (approximately every 4th or 5th video) from 8:00 AM Eastern Time (U.S.) to 8:00 AM ET Monday morning. As the primary playlist grows, so will the assortment of Gospel music.

Video Content

Raw Country gets its video in several different ways. First off, we welcome quality video submissions from country artists the world over. If you’re a country music artist looking for free exposure to millions of viewers, send us your video — if we add you to our playlist, you can be seen by more than 8,000,000 viewers worldwide (and growing!)

The rest of our videos come direct from the source with the appropriate permissions granted, or through various Internet sources via one of the Creative Commons licenses that allows us to use them.

We are always on he lookout for country music video that we can add to our playlist.

Known Bugs & Glitches

Raw Country is not without glitches. Occasionally when transitioning from one video to the next, the next one may already be in-progress. This typically happens when you exit the channel and immediately return.

Also, every once in a while a video may stop working — we try our best to keep the system running at 100%. Also, sometimes when we add a new video it may not have encoded properly and it can cause the system to stop.

If you experience a break in the playlist — whether its a video freezing, an error message or a black screen lasting more than 1 minute, simply exit the channel then re-enter it and it should be fine. If not you can email support@mediarazzi.com to let them know there’s an issue.

Channel Contacts

Raw Country is produced by Phil Autelitano and Ville de Nash Productions, in association with Mediarazzi.

General email: rctv@mediarazzi.com

Technical Support: support@mediarazzi.com

Twitter: @RawCountryTV

Facebook: http://facebook.com/rawcountrytv

Roku Details Page: http://www.roku.com/channels/#!details/40396/raw-country

Roku Public Add link: https://owner.roku.com/add/rawcountry

Roku Private Add link: https://owner.roku.com/Add/rawcountrytv

Producer: Phil Autelitano

Twitter: @PhilAutelitano

Email: phil@mediarazzi.com

Studio: Mediarazzi

Location: Sevierville, TN

Phone: (865) 283-4762

Studio Email: studio@mediarazzi.com

Video submissions: video@mediarazzi.com

Video Consent/Release Form and file requirements

DMCA (Copyright) Notifications

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