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“THE SECRET REVEALED: The Fastest, Easiest (and Cheapest) Way to Sell Your Movie or TV Show IDEA to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Other Connected TV Platforms…”


phil-ku2From the Desk of Phil Autelitano
Founder/CEO, Mediarazzi
June 16, 2017




Dear Friend,

Before I tell you anything else, I’m going to tell you the “secret” right off.
Ready? It all comes down to one thing…


About a year ago I wrote this article about selling your movie or TV show to Netflix, Hulu and other Connected Television/OTT and digital platforms. The response to that article over the past year has been nothing short of INCREDIBLE, to say the least. However, much of the response I receive is from people looking to sell their movie or TV show IDEAS. Unfortunately, that article was written specifically for people with FINISHED films and TV shows, not “ideas.”

That said, with THAT amount of response, I simply couldn’t let them all go to waste. I felt bad. I want to help EVERYONE. So, I reached out to my personal contacts at Netflix—and at Hulu, Amazon, Crackle and others—to learn EXACTLY what each one wanted in terms of IDEAS, or what they’re LOOKING FOR in the next big movie or TV show deal.

The responses I’ve been getting to that article typically fall into one of three categories:

  1. People with a GREAT IDEA for a new movie or TV show,
  2. People who have put their GREAT IDEA in writing in some form or another (but NOT a treatment or script), and
  3. People who have a finished treatment or script for their GREAT IDEA.

That said, and based on the feedback I received from each of the TV and movie platforms, I came up with a NEW PROGRAM for people like YOU who have a great IDEA and/or a finished TREATMENT or SCRIPT for a new movie or TV show that you’re looking to SELL.

I call it The Perfect Pitch Program.

Now this isn’t some ebook or do-it-yourself system I’m asking you to buy, this is an actual, PROFESSIONAL SERVICE I’m offering, to help you sell your idea to the right platform, for the most money. Now, of course, there are NO GUARANTEES that these platforms will actually BUY your IDEA or your script, but if you’re CONFIDENT your idea WILL sell, this program is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get it where it needs to be…

Included with The Perfect Pitch Program:

  1. I will personally consult with you via phone (for a minimum of one hour) to go over your story idea, creative direction, and the best way to PRESENT your idea to these platforms.
  2. We will craft your IDEA into a professionally-written TREATMENT. It all starts with the Treatment; your IDEA must be put in writing. (If you already have a Treatment, my team will provide “coverage” for it, instead.) Now, ANYONE write a treatment, but each of these platforms has their OWN criteria for it, and, just because you WRITE one, doesn’t mean it will get read…
  3. We will then prepare a proper QUERY LETTER for your treatment and email it (with copies to you) to MY PERSONAL CONTACTS at each platform, including Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, as well as other platforms (if it fits their criteria.) Keep in mind, these aren’t “blind” introductions, I’ll be reaching out to the people I work with and know personally over years of working with these platforms. Again, ANYONE can write a query letter, but each platform has it’s own query process, and just because you WRITE one doesn’t mean it will get to the decision maker—remember, the “secret” above? Read on…
  4. If/when you receive a response—and you WILL, either way—we will work with you to NEGOTIATE the best deal for you and your idea, and in most cases, we take NOTHING on the “back end” for securing a deal for you. (We’ll discuss this more in-depth during your consultation.)

In some cases, the platform may request a full SCRIPT. If they do, this is GREAT NEWS, and if you can’t write it yourself, or don’t have anyone to write it for you, we can direct you to an expert screenwriter who will then craft your idea into a finished script at a reasonable rate (far less than you’d pay on the open market.)

Remember, in this business, “no,” doesn’t ALWAYS mean, “NO.” We will get feedback from each platform that responds, and see what MORE your idea needs for them to buy it—and we’ll ADJUST your pitch accordingly and RESUBMIT IT again, and again…

I’m RELENTLESS like that.
(History has proven this again and again.)

Pitching a movie or TV show idea to Netflix, Hulu and other Connected TV platforms is not that different than pitching it to a major studio. Just like in Hollywood, there are “buffers” or “gatekeepers” between you and the development team and decision makers. In most cases, it ultimately comes down to WHO YOU KNOW. I know the development teams AND decision makers at each of these platforms. There are no buffers or gatekeepers between me and the people who make the decisions on what to buy.

…and THAT, my friend, is the true VALUE in The Perfect Pitch Program.

But who am I to offer this service? In a nutshell, I am the BEST person to offer this program! I have been working in the Connected Television industry since 2009. I have cultivated relationships with key players at EVERY major Connected TV platform. I’ve pitched IDEAS, treatments, scripts, reels and finished films to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Crackle, Starz, and several others, for clients small and large—from “average” people just like YOU to popular YouTubers like Grant Cardone and SMOSH!, to major brands, celebrities and sports figures like Paula Deen, boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya, MMA fighter George St. Pierre, Shaun T (“Insanity”), and rockers like The Bellamy Brothers, RUSH and Ozzy Osbourne. 

I’m not ONLY a leading developer and producer of TV channels and content for Roku and Connected TV platforms, I’m also a leading expert on content monetization AND distribution. NOBODY knows the rules of this game better than me—and no one knows how to BREAK THEM better than me, either.

So now you’re probably wondering how much this will cost you. (It’s not as much as you think!) Originally, I planned to offer The Perfect Pitch Program for $1,500 (that’s my Basic Consulting Fee, ask anyone), but for a limited time—only because this program is NEW and I need about TEN “guinea pigs” for TESTIMONIALS—it costs only $500.

To summarize, for $500 you get:

  1. A personal consultation with yours truly to discuss your IDEA and the best way to present it to the various platforms,
  2. A professionally-crafted TREATMENT for your idea, or professional COVERAGE if you already have a written treatment,
  3. Expertly-written QUERIES sent directly to the decision makers at each platform (Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, plus any others that might apply), with COPIES sent to you as PROOF, and
  4. Relentless follow-upexpert negotiation should you get a deal, and/or updates to your idea and multiple re-writes of your Treatment based on feedback from each platform to ultimately get you a deal.

But WAIT—there’s more…

If none of these platforms ultimately BUY your idea, I will show you how to get your movie or TV show produced WITHOUT them, including how and where to find money for production, and how and where to distribute it once it IS produced. In fact, several of these platforms WILL take it, no questions asked, once it’s actually produced.

NO ONE, anywhere, can offer you this LEVEL OF SERVICE for $500. I CHALLENGE YOU to find a better deal anywhere. I challenge you to find someone, ANYONE, with BETTER CONTACTS within this industry! I’ve had clients pay me as much as $10,000 for this SAME SERVICE—and they were HAPPY to do it. So, if $500 is too much to ask, you’re either not THAT confident in your idea …or you’re in the WRONG business.

Connected Television is the fastest growing segment of the in-home entertainment industry, now accounting for MORE VIEWERS than both broadcast and Cable TV combined—and it’s HUNGRY for fresh ideas and new content. YOU may be sitting on a GOLDMINE, with an amazing IDEA that can ultimately be turned into CASH.

But don’t think for a minute it’s all a wash… these platforms want only THE BEST IDEAS. They want ideas that are unique and compelling; stories they haven’t heard before. I will be TOTALLY HONEST with you, these platforms receive dozens, if not hundreds of “great ideas,” every day. Most don’t even get a response. The ONLY way to get their attention, and to get a response, and ultimately (and hopefully) a deal, is to KNOW SOMEONE ON THE “INSIDE.”

…and I’m your “inside guy.”
I’M THE “WHO YOU KNOW” that’s missing from your equation.

So if you’re SERIOUSLY interested in selling your IDEA to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or other Connected Television platforms, the place to start is HERE. Simply fill out the form below, and myself or a member of my team will follow-up with you immediately. If we think your idea has merit, we’ll move forward with you. If it doesn’t… well, I’m not AFRAID to tell you that, too. (Sorry, you may not want to hear it, but truth is, I can’t waste my time with ideas that don’t have merit.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing from you …and hopefully, working with you on your great idea!



Phil Autelitano
Founder/CEO, Mediarazzi


Use the form below to contact us ONLY for The Perfect Pitch Program:

The Perfect Pitch Program costs $500 USD, subject to availability and scheduling. We accept payment via check/money order, PayPal, credit card and bank wire. This service is non-refundable. Should we decide to work with you, we make no guarantee that your idea, movie, TV show, treatment or script will be purchased by any platform. Price is subject to change at any time.