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Content Monetization


Mediarazzi offers a variety of monetization solutions exclusively to our connected television channel partners and clients, including our own video advertising network.  From streaming ads, to per inquiry ads, to custom, performance-based solutions, we can develop programs to maximize the revenue-generating potential of any Connected TV channel.

Mediarazzi Founder/CEO Phil Autelitano is considered a pioneer and one of the foremost experts in monetization for Roku and Connected TV platforms. He introduced “per inquiry” and performance-based advertising” to Connected TV early on, and has since developed several other monetization techniques and strategies now in use by some of the most successful channels on Roku and Connected TV platforms.

  • Streaming ads pay per ad view. Also known as AVOD or “Advertising Video On Demand,” these ads are integrated into your content and streamed by third party video ad networks at specific intervals. These ads typically, and currently, pay anywhere from $5 to $15CPM (that’s 1/2 to 1.5 cents per ad view). We can integrate ANY third party video ad network into your channel.
  • Per Inquiry ads pay per action — whether it’s an inquiry or an order — instead of per view. We call this, PAVOD (pronounced “PAY-VOD”) or “Per Inquiry Advertising Video On Demand.” These ads are integrated the same as streaming ads but instead incorporate unique IDs like toll-free numbers or coupon codes that guarantee you credit for each inquiry or sale.

We always recommend a combination of both streaming and per inquiry advertising. We also recommend using more than one video ad network to maximize your channel’s earning potential.

  • Video Advertising Network — Mediarazzi launched v2.0 of our in-house advertising network in 2017. With this new system, we’re able to source our own advertising, resulting in higher demand, higher fill rates for your channels, and ultimately higher CPMs across the board. Channels of all sizes are welcome to participate (no viewer minimums).  Contact us for details.
  • Performance-based solutions. We also offer custom performance-based monetization solutions based on your particular channel and its specific content. Not all channels are built to generate revenue via third party advertising. Some are built specifically to promote the brands they represent, in which case, we can create custom programs for generating inquiries, leads and sales for those brands.
  • Direct Advertising Sales. For higher-volume channels, or channels with increased celebrity or brand appeal, Mediarazzi offers a in-house advertising sales team. We essentially create a RATE CARD for your channel and our team sells ad spots on your channel directly to advertisers, at the standard agency commission.

Subscription-Based Solutions
In addition, we also offer SVOD or “Subscription Video On Demand” — this is where we integrate subscription billing into your channel, charging viewers an annual or monthly recurring SUBSCRIPTION to enjoy your content. Subscription content can be billed in-channel (in-app) or we can integrate subscriptions and billing into your existing website, allowing existing web-based subscribers to enjoy your content via Roku and Connected TV platforms as part of their existing subscriptions.

For more information about advertising and monetization solutions, email