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Content Creators: Making the Move to Connected TV

Content Creators: Making the Move to Connected TV

May 23, 2017 Posts 0
Phil Autelitano Roku Mediarazzi


It all starts with quality content.

If you’re already distributing your content via YouTube, it only makes sense that you need to be distributing it via Connected TV platforms as well. Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Opera TV, Samsung Smart TV — these platforms mean even MORE revenue from the content you’re ALREADY producing.

In fact, there are more MONETIZATION strategies and solutions for generating revenue from your content, via Connected TV, than any other form of content distribution.

I hear reports of YouTube paying $0-$4 CPM for the ads they’re serving on YOUR content. Yeah, YouTube gets a shit-ton of traffic, and if you’re lucky (or savvy), your content gets a shit-ton of views, and you make some decent coin on it.

Most YouTubers, however, aren’t making as much as they hoped they would, or could.

That said, Connected TV is paying $12–15 CPM for the same ads. Sure, these platforms may not bring you the same kind of traffic YouTube is bringing you — YET, anyway — but Connected TV IS, after all, the fastest growing segment of the entertainment industry, and the fastest growing new technology since the advent of the Internet. SO, that means, it’s only a matter of time…

Just like the web, the like YouTube, you want to be there before everyone else gets there.

So back to my point: If you’re already distributing content via YouTube, it only makes sense that you distribute the same content via Connected TV.

And I’m not talking via YouTube’s Connected TV channel, I’m talking via Your OWN Connected TV channel.

I call it Content-Revenue Maximization.
(Or “Your content is working smarter, not harder.”)

Successful authors write a book once and then it gets distributed a bazillion times across every possible medium in every possible form imaginable. There’s a reason for that. Content-Revenue Maximization.

Movies are made and distributed to theaters, then DVD and Blu-Ray, then Netflix and Hulu, etc… again, Content-Revenue Maximization.

There’s a reason for this, people. In a nutshell, they’re squeeeeeezing every possible bit of revenue out of the content. Nothing is sacred. No stone unturned.

Bottom line, if you’re not squeezing your content dry, you’re simply not generating revenue to its maximum potential.

Connected TV will help you do that.

There is NO better way, right now, to generate maximum revenue from your content than by incorporating a Connected TV initiative into your overall content strategy.

I’ll say it again, there are MORE monetization strategies and solutions for generating revenue with Connected TV than with any other form of content distribution.

Ask me about them.

— P.

Phil Autelitano is founder and CEO of Mediarazzi. We develop branded TV channels and applications for Connected TV and OTT platforms including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Opera TV and more. We can squeeeeeeze the most revenue out of your content…

Mediarazzi recently announced the industry’s first Connected TV channel development package for less than $10k, with unlimited bandwidth.


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