The #ConnectedTV Report for April 2015

These Times They Are a-Shifting

According to HUB Research ( polling conducted in February 2015, 53% of US television viewers’ time spent watching TV was timeshifted, vs. 47% spent viewing live content. Timeshifted means that viewers didn’t watch their favorite programs at the regularly schedule times but rather at their own convenience and on the devices of their choice.

This trend towards timeshifting and on-demand consumption has Connected TV and Cable Television battling head-to-head for the same audience. It’s only a matter of time before Connected TV overcomes Cable as the #1 choice for television viewing in America and beyond.

Paula Deen is Back Y’all

Controversy may have sent Paula Deen a-packin-y’all from the Food Network, but it didn’t stop her from whippin’ up a whole new batch of opportunities, including a foray into Connected TV!

Last month Mediarazzi announced the soft-launch of the new Paula Deen Channel on Roku, with the more “official” launch to take place this month, coinciding with the grand opening of her new restaurant in Pigeon Forge, TN, and the launch of her new video game, Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest.

The Paula Deen Channel features brand new food and lifestyle shows from the Queen Bee of Southern Cookin’ herself along with archives of shows from her days with Food Network, plus a lot of other surprises. You can get it on Roku for now, at $4.99/month.

Development for subsequent Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and OperaTV channels is currently under way — y’all.

Connected TV to be the New Political Advertising Battleground

Sources throughout the advertising industry are confirming that Connected Television and digital media advertising are the new frontier in political advertising as we move into the next election cycle.

Since the beginning of the year we’ve received over a dozen inquiries from politicians and political groups regarding Connected TV advertising and our AdNexxt advertising network solutions. From New York to Florida to Texas, California, and even Alaska, it seems Connected TV is becoming a buzz-word in political advertising circles.

For Mediarazzi this puts the spotlight on the launch of our new Connected TV advertising network.

The unique thing about Connected TV advertising versus standard advertising, whether in-print or broadcast TV or radio, is there is no guesstimating. Advertisers know right down to the last viewer exactly how many sets of eyeballs see their ads — and they pay only for what gets seen.

Talk about maximizing your ad revenue! No other media — save (maybe) Internet pay-per-click — offers those kinds of numbers and results. For the first time in the history of television advertising, advertisers know precisely how many times their ads are viewed. Only with Connected TV!

What’s Up at Roku?

Roku’s development team has their hands full! With the amazing growth and success of their device and platform, more and more content creators/owners/providers/producers, etc. are turning to the little purple platform to launch their channels and apps, only to have to wait… and wait …and wait. There continues to be a backlog for launching new channels, you think they would have had this figured out by now. Every day a channel goes unlaunched is another day that channel — and Roku, potentially — loses money.

In addition to the channel launch backlog, Roku continues to grow it’s own advertising network, reaching out to select, individual channel owners and developers to partner with them on advertising. Roku promises immediate promotional opportunities in exchange for an ongoing cut of the channel’s advertising; in most cases, a 70–30 split in favor of the channel.

Is this an attempt for Roku to gain some control over some of the channels and the content they distribute, or simply a way to generate more revenue for a company who only makes money through device sales and 30% of subscription billing, or both? Time will tell.

Mediarazzi’s Autelitano to Host Whistle-Stop Connected TV Workshop Tour

Mediarazzi founder and CEO — and Paula Deen Channel producer — Phil Autelitano has launched a whistle-stop Connected TV workshop tour, giving talks on Connected TV, the industry, it’s applications in entertainment and in business, providing demonstrations, and also discussing the many opportunities available in the Connected TV space, not just to content creators, producers, and broadcasters, but to service- and solutions providers and developers, as well.

First stop was St. Peterburg, FL, followed by Tampa and Atlanta. In the weeks to come, he’ll visit Charlotte, Washington, New York City, Albany, Buffalo, and then back to Knoxville. A west coast tour is planned for the summer.

By Mediarazzi Staff.

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