Five Signs that Internet TV — and Roku — are Here to Stay

distributeIt’s been six years since Roku shipped it’s first Roku player, the very first device to stream Netflix to a TV. That sparked a revolution, and today Netflix is but one of 1,000′s of channels available on Roku; Internet TV continues to grow by leaps and bounds every day, and companies everywhere are racing to develop complimentary technology and content alike.

Yes, Internet TV is here to stay, and here’s proof. (I hijacked some of this info from the Roku blog at

  • 42 million households now have a TV connected to the Internet. This number grows EVERY DAY (think Internet circa 1995, it’s in rapid-scale mode.)
  • Once the size of a placemat, the set-top box is now a tiny stick. Remember those big ‘ol “boxes” the cable company handed out? Roku is down to slightly bigger than a thumb-drive, and cable companies will soon FOLLOW suit. (Keyword there is FOLLOW.)
  • “Binging,” and “spoiler alert” are new established words in the TV viewing vernacular, and in fact, the latter was recently added to the dictionary.
  • Original series created just for streaming paved the way for a new model of production and distribution with full series releases, and created Emmy award-winning programs along the way. (Think Arrested Development Season 4.)
  • Favorite TV shows from the past including Veronica Mars, Arrested Development, The Sopranos, and 24 now get a second life in the new TV economy
  • As broadcast networks continue to catch-on, more and more new TV shows like Nashville, Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother, Blacklist, and The Following, can now be streamed.
  • TV is more popular than ever with heavy streamers watching an average of SEVEN HOURS or more per day. That’s more than we/I/people my age did when WE were kids — and WE were the TV generation! To compare, the average HOUSEHOLD in the 1980′s watched 7 hours per day of TV — that was the ENTIRE household. Now we’re talking PER PERSON.

Something to think about.

— @PhilAutelitano