How to Make Money with Roku and Connected TV!


 A casual workshop presented by Mediarazzi founder and CEO, Phil Autelitano
3 Days Only, Mon 3/30 – Weds 4/1, 6pm to 9pm-ish
Tampa, FL area

Meet Phil Autelitano, founder and CEO of Mediarazzi and producer/developer of some of the most popular and successful channels on Roku and Connected TV, including Raw Country, Vegas Sports Advisors, The Movie Trailer Channel, and the all-new Paula Deen Channel!

Phil develops TV channels and applications for Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, Opera, Android and others. In addition to being a top-notch developer, he is also a renowned advertising and marketing expert specializing in connected TV monetization. Also the recent founder of AdNexxt, a new advertising network designed specifically for connected television.

What is Connected TV? Also known as “Internet TV” and “OTT/Over-the-top” or “set-top”, it’s the fastest growing segment of the entertainment industry and the fastest growing technology since the Internet! Right now Connected TV is growing so fast it’s poised to surpass traditional broadcast and cable TV in viewership by 2018!

This is practically a brand new industry with opportunities everywhere! If if you know absolutely nothing about TV or the internet or programming and developing, there are opportunities to earn BIG MONEY in the connected TV space. Phil will tell you how.

In this 3-hour workshop, Phil will talk about the connected TV industry and where it’s going. He will identify several key areas where there are the most opportunities for everyday people — with no specialized tech knowledge. You will learn:

  • How to quickly develop a Roku channel
  • How and where to get content for your channel
  • How to turn what you know into connected TV profits
  • At least FIVE ways to monetize your channel
  • How to make money locating and brokering content for others — even without your own channel
  • How to make money helping other people launch their own channels
  • How to identify Connected TV opportunities and cash in on them
  • How to get started at $0 cost
  • How to raise $1,000′s to start a channel in just days
  • Where to outsource development and other sources if you need to
  • And so much more!

You’ll discover the “secrets” to earning big money with Connected TV.
You’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills to launch anew career in Connected TV
You’ll network with an industry professional and “legend” and gain a valuable contact for going forward

You’ll leave with a plan to start making money with Connected TV in just days!

Presented in a casual atmosphere, small group size guarantees individual attention.
Refreshments served. Bring a laptop or other device.
Convenient location.

Only 10 spots available each night — hurry, they’re going fast!
Call 865-283-4762 to reserve now.
Or email for more details.