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The Fastest, Easiest Way to Publish a Roku TV Channel!

Mediarazzi is excited to introduce The Roku Publisher’s ToolBox — a first-of-its-kind, step-by-step system for building professional quality Roku TV channels. It includes EVERYTHING you need to quickly and easily BUILD, PUBLISH and PROFIT from your own custom-branded Roku TV channel in as little as 7 to 10 days — GUARANTEED — with $0 out-of-pocket and absolutely NO CODING knowledge or experience needed. 

Created by renowned Roku expert Phil Autelitano, The Roku Publisher’s ToolBox is the only Roku-building resource of its kind and is perfect for anyone looking to build, publish, monetize and distribute TV channels to 30+ million Roku viewers worldwide. 

The Roku Publisher’s ToolBox includes:

A Step-By-Step Publisher’s Guide

The Roku Direct Publisher’s Guide  is a 150-page easy-to-read guide by Phil Autelitano that takes you step-by-step through the process of building and publishing your own Roku channel using the same “system” Phil has used to develop hundreds of channels for his own account, and for dozens of partners and clients.

Hands-On Video Tutorials

Watch as Phil guides you through a series of hands-on video tutorials that show you his Roku building process from beginning to end. You’ll learn the same system he uses to build channels he charges $1,000’s for. You’ll also learn how to monetize and manage your Roku channel going forward.

Coding & Graphics Templates

The Roku Publisher’s ToolBox includes ALL of the graphics templates and channel feed templates you need to publish your own Roku channel. Anyone can use these! No prior coding experience is needed — all the “rocket science” is done for you. If you can point-and-click, you can create a professional-looking Roku channel with these professional templates. 

Online Advice & Support

The Roku Publisher’s ToolBox includes lifetime access to Phil’s exclusive “Inner Circle” Roku Publisher’s Forum where you can interact with other Roku publishers, ask questions, and learn exclusive strategies, tips and techniques for building, promoting and growing your Roku channel direct from Phil and the Mediarazzi team!

Meet Phil.

Phil Autelitano is the (outspoken) founder/CEO of Mediarazzi, a renowned expert in Roku and Connected TV channel development and a pioneer in Connected TV monetization. Phil has personally developed and launched more than 500 Roku channels for popular content creators, major brands and celebrities like boxing legend Oscar de la Hoya and Paula Deen!

Phil now teaches Roku and Connected TV development and monetization strategies through a variety of workshops and training programs like The Roku Publisher’s ToolBox.

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bonus #1:

The Only Roku Monetization Guide

Discover the “secrets” to earning BIG MONEY from your Roku channel. Phil Autelitano is a leading expert in Roku and Connected TV monetization. This FREE BONUS GUIDE contains some of the MOST sought-after Roku “intelligence” in the industry and by itself is worth far more than the cost of this entire program! In it, Phil introduces you to dozens of strategies and techniques for generating revenue from your Roku channel, including:

Streaming adVERTISING (AVOD)

Learn where to get Streaming Ads that you can easily integrate into your Roku Channel to earn $10-15 CPMS on your video content — GUARANTEED! That’s 3 to 5 times more than YouTube!


Discover how and where to get PAID sponsors for your Roku channel. It’s easier than you think — and it can mean extraordinary profits and lots of cool perks from your Roku channel!


Phil Autelitano is a pioneer in “Performance-Based Advertising” for Roku and Connected TV channels. Learn what they are, where to get them and how to earn BIG PROFITS from them.


Learn the secrets to selling Direct Advertising into your channel. There are advertisers out there just waiting to dump mounds of money into your Roku channel. Find out who they are and how to get them!


Free Content for Your Roku Channel!

Don’t have content for own Roku channel? No problem, you can still CASH IN on the amazing growth of Roku. In this FREE BONUS GUIDE, Phil shows you how and where you can get FREE and low-cost content for your channel that you can monetize and profit from! Just like the other Free Bonus Guide, this too is worth far more than the cost of this entire program.

free content sources

There’s a ton of FREE CONTENT out there that you can use and profit from, no strings attached! Find out where to get it.

other peoples’ content

This is the BIGGEST MONEYMAKER of all — learn how you can use OPC (Other Peoples’ Content) to generate extreme profits from Roku channels. 


Learn where to get hundreds of free-to-use Public Domain videos that you can distribute (and profit from) via your own Roku channel.


Instead of just using FREE content, how about getting people to PAY YOU to present their content on YOUR channel. Phil shows you how!



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