That’s Brandvertainment!

Mediarazzi is the leader in custom, branded TV channel development for Roku and OTT/Connected TV platforms. From consulting to development and deployment, we are pioneers in what we call “brandvertainment technology” — branded television entertainment that builds brand loyalty and drives profits.

Channel Development

We are one of the oldest and leading developers of TV channels for Roku and OTT/Connected TV platforms. We’ve been building TV channels since 2009.

Channel Monetization

From Subscription and Advertising VOD to paid content distribution, we are pioneers in Roku and OTT/Connected TV Channel monetization.

Channel Management

Launch a channel with no additional work on your part — with our experienced team managing your channel you’ll earn far more than doing it yourself.

Consulting & Project Management

Ready to “connect” your brand to millions of viewers via Roku and Connected TV? Let us lead the way…

About Us

Mediarazzi was founded in 2009 by Phil Autelitano, a renowned expert in Roku and Connected TV channel development and a pioneer in Connected TV monetization. Since then Mediarazzi has developed and launched more than 500 channels for major brands, celebrities and popular content creators from all corners of the entertainment industry.

earn the most from your content

Start with Roku.

Of all the OTT/Connected TV platforms none offers more revenue potential for your video content than Roku — the leading Connected TV platform with more than 30 million active users in the U.S. alone …and still growing!

Streaming ads (AVOD)

Earn $10-15 CPMS on your video content — GUARANTEED! That’s 3 to 5 times more than YouTube.

pay per view (VOD)

Sell individual videos, movies, episodes, etc. quickly and easily with in-app purchasing

Subscriptions (SVOD)

Charge monthly fees for access to your content with automatic recurring billing and monthly payouts.

performance-based ads (PVOD)

Earn % commissions and set bounties on leads and orders from per inquiry advertising.

…and look your best doing it.

Top-Notch Creative Development

From basic Direct Publisher to advanced BrightScript SDK channels, our development team will create the best channel possible to meet your budget and your content, viewership and monetization goals. 

beautiful design 

We will integrate your logo and branding to create a channel that best reflects your brand and compliments your other marketing.

easy channel management

Whether we manage your channel or you do it yourself, we offer the fastest, easiest and least expensive channel management solutions.

content delivery

We offer affordable Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions, in many cases with little to NO BANDWIDTH fees.

other platforms

In addition to Roku, we can develop and launch channels on Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV, Android, Sony & Samsung Smart TV Networks, LG TVs, TiVo, Opera Software-based systems and more.


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